Security lighting Cobham

There is no doubt that our security lighting Cobham service can deter burglars. It also reduces the fear of crime: a simple plug in timer could be enough to put off an opportunist from burgling your home. Burglars often make up their mind to target a property from across the road; if your property is lit then they will generally look for a softer option.

A simple floodlight with a sensor is typically classed as security lighting. However, over time the sensor becomes mis-aligned, pets can also trigger the light unnecessarily. CPC recommends dawn-to-dusk lighting, working with energy saving light fittings. This way you can be good to the environment whilst keeping your property lit.

A light with a dusk-to-dawn sensor works with the amount of light present in its environment. As it gets dark the sensor picks this up and turns the light on. In the morning (dusk) as the surrounding light increases the sensor will turn the lights off. So, there isn’t any need to adjust any timers, even with daylight saving hours.

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