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We have been looking after the people of Cobham for many years and are consider the number 1 choice when looking for a Rewire Cobham Service.

Full House Rewires Cobham

Rewiring a house is one of the largest maintenance jobs home owners face and unfortunately probably the most disruptive to the house rewires sheffieldexisting decor. Good maintenance, additions and regular inspections can prolong the need for home owners to carry out such a large rewiring job. It is widely regarded that most properties should be rewired every 25 years, however as previously stated with good maintenance and regular inspections home owners could expect up to 40 years trouble free.

House Rewiring is a big commitment to home owners, but essential in maintaining a safe environment for yourself and your family. Keeping your electrical installation up to date with the current I.E.E Wiring Regulations reduces the potential risk from electric shock and house fires. Most building and content insurance policies requires that properties have current certification verifying that the electrical installation is safe. Failure to provide electrical safety certification can result in the insurance companies deeming policies to be void.

CPC have been rewiring properties of Cobham for over 20 years and have vast experience and expertise in carrying out rewiring jobs. We pride ourselves on providing unrivaled electrical service and make every effort to minimising any inconvenience. With our experience we aim to minimise any damage to existing decor. We have the up most respect for our customers and their property and endeavor to do all works in a neat and tidy manner.

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