Lighting Leatherhead

Are you looking for our lighting Leatherhead service?

The way you choose to light a room or outdoor space can make an enormous difference to the feeling of the space and the impression it gives. By the trick of your new lights your garden can become a tranquil oasis or even a Mediterranean hotspot where you can enjoy a chilled glass of sangria with your guests.

At CPC we're more than just the average electrician - as a long serving local company of Leatherhead and the surrounding areas, we have extensive experience in all aspects of lighting installation and light fittings and will be happy to advise you on the best kind of ambience of your home. Even if you just need a light switch repaired, we're happy to help.

Looking for eco friendly, low energy lighting?

The use of LED lighting in gardens has become very popular as it gives your garden a modern appearance as well as using low energy; this is because most of the lights are only 1 or 2 watts. To learn more about how to light a space with the minimum use of energy please contact us.

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